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Maria Wall

Maria Wall

Randallstown, MD


Talk show host and producer Maria Wall shares yet another of her passions with the world!

"Take time to notice the Silent Beauty all around you, most of my Photographs do not have names because you may call them whatever name they inspire you to give them! "

These Photographs were born out of Maria's need to find the beauty in everything again, she began her journey by noticing all the silent beauty around her as a reminder of the silence she was living in before she found the courage to find my voice, self worth, inner love and beauty again. "It is my hope that you enjoy viewing my work and if so inclined pick a piece or more that makes you feel good!! "

Domestic Violence Survivor who turned the negative experience into a positive passion!
Maria started a 501 (c) (3) non profit that sponsors an Internet Talk Radio Show called Healing Through Hurt to give those living in silence a voice. It is my hope to brighten as many days as I can while helping to enlighten the masses about the silent danger called domestic violence. Healing through hurt gives those without a voice a place to find the answers and courage they seek to get out before it is too late!! In addition we have guests who tell of their healing through many types of hurt from terminal illness to abuse, neglect and much more. The sale of these pieces help us to continue to help as many people as we can through our various programs for both youth and adults.

A portion of each sale goes to
The Wall Foundation Inc
Healing Through Hurt i-Talk Radio

Behind every tragedy there is a *GREATER* Triumph


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